Challenge world widely, constant development of environmental technology

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Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 certification of environmental management system standards, ISO 9001 certification of the quality management system, and was designated as a water quality environment management agency by the Han River Basin Environment Agency.


It also received an A-grade green management evaluation from the Small and Medium-sized Business Administration's "Project to Support the Spread of Green Management of Small and Medium-sized Businesses" and was honored to win Korea's first "Excellent Green Biz" as an environmental service company.


It is a venture company that has its own research institute and its own laboratory and has entered the nationwide business by holding several patents and gaining competitiveness.


As a licensed company in Paju City, it won 5 billion won in other regions, including the construction of the water pipeline and mechanical pipeline during the construction of special structures and rivers in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province. It won 2.2 billion construction orders for the sewage treatment facility in Buyeo, South Chungcheong Province, and the sewage treatment facility in Eunsan, South Chungcheong Province.

It is also active in the nation, including sewage treatment facilities for the Army Corps of Engineers, BTL sewage treatment facilities for Chulwon Military Unit, and Ulleung County Waterworks (4 billion won).


To research renewable energy, which is the flower of the green industry, environmental PhDs and master's and bachelor's researchers who have technical skills are working on the research after registering as a company specializing in installing renewable energy facilities (biogas, hydropower) in 2011.


Currently, according to the Ministry of Environment's "2011 Global Top Environmental Technology Development Project Integration Plan", all staff are challenging ‘the development of 100Nm3/hr methane refining plants’ in ‘the non-CO2 greenhouse gas reduction technology field’ (6.3 billion government support for 5 years) to get a good result.


Byeongkwan Lee was Born in Wollong-myeon in 1962, graduated from the Department of Chemistry at Incheon National University, and graduated from the Graduate School of Environmental Engineering at Hanyang University and established Chunghae Environment (later Chunghae ENV).


Based on professional technology and trusted services, the company started with the construction of sewage treatment facilities such as excreta treatment facilities, it has made rapid developments such as environmental pollution prevention facilities construction projects, water supply, and sewage facilities construction projects, and water quality prevention facilities.


 In 2007, the company introduced a new management inspiration in the wake of the corporate transition to Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. and established a research institute affiliated with companies to create a foundation for green industries and pushed for the commercialization of eco-friendly technologies.


CEO Lee believes that "the power of corporate development comes from education," and provides tuition support for employees and their children when they enter graduate school and college. To develop oneself and encourage all employees to obtain certificates, the company supports vocational education at the full cost of the company, giving incentives to increase certificate allowances and salaries.


Employees of Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. have been completing professional education courses, including KOTRA-hosted "Vietnam Market Advancement Course", "Waste Resources Energy Expert Spirituality Course", "Water Quality Expert Development Course" and "Asbestos Environment Alliance Management Course".


CEO Lee has made numerous donations for needy neighbors, including building houses of love (5 million won), helping needy neighbors supported by Paju Christian Union (3 million won), helping needy neighbors supported by Chamber of Commerce (2.3 million won), supporting foot-and-mouth disease disinfectants in Paju (20 million won), and rice donation (6 million won). As such good deeds became known, he was awarded the Gyeonggi Governor's Commendation as a beautiful businessman hosted by the Paju Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


He is also actively participating in local communities such as regularly visiting Garden nursing homes and Kyonam Dongsan, helping sewage treatment projects for building houses of love, water purification activities for Gongneung-cheon Stream working together with Bongil-cheon High School students and DMZ environmental conservation activities.


As a supplementary member of Paju Police Station, a director of Paju Sports Association, and a member of Paju Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he has shown various love by donating magnifiers to our city center for senior citizens and giving glasses to disabled people at Ae Duck House.


He is the first local businessperson to be selected for many national R&D projects and is a true businessman who continues to study in the Federation of Korean Industries until now.


Source: Paju Journal 20th Anniversary Special


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